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Xtreme Tattoo Supplies

Xtreme Tattoo Supplies is your source for tattoo ink, tattoo needles, tattoo guns and medical supplies. We service all tattoo artists and are offering the best in supplies, value and customer service. Check back often to view our weekly deals and monthly specials for extra savings including free shipping, product discounts and more. With our safe and secure checkout process, you get the peace of mind knowing that your information isn't going anywhere else. We will process and ship your order quickly so that you receive your tattoo supplies at your studio or tattoo parlor we you need them.

Why Choose Xtreme Tattoo Supplies as your Tattoo Supplier?

Xtreme Tattoo Supplies offers convenience and personalized service while providing tattoo professionals all of their tattoo supplies, tattoo equipment and medical supply needs. We offer a wide range of tattoo supplies, from tattoo ink, needles, practice skin and disposable tubes to tattoo guns, tattoo machine parts, disinfectants, hospital grade cleaners, tattoo aftercare supplies and more. We promise to provide better service, safer transactions and fast response; while offing you the prices you deserve on all of your tattoo supplies. Contact one of our representatives today at 904-325-9878, and ask how we can better supply your tattoo shop.

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Xtreme Tattoo Supplies is your source for Tattoo Needles, Inks, and medical supplies.

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